Our new heroine

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1. July 2009 - night


Dream sequence

Preceded by

A horse in a river

Followed by

Serial killer strikes again

Story Edit

Anette places the sword under her bed, and starts dreaming.

Her first dream is painting boxes with a blue brush, but it really makes the boxes furry, which spreads to other boxes - when she encounters the hero. The hero brings her along to show some monsters attacking players at a tennis court, and trains her in using the sword to locate objects.

In the final panels, Anette sees a preview of the first monster she has to hill - a small cat that grows to giant proportions before it slays a random man off the street.

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Trivia Edit

  • Anette's clothing changes among the dream sequences, but only after a short delay.
  • These monsters aren't part of the seven prophesies.