Fusk and Vorte's First Appearance

The two main anti-heroes of Hitmen for Destiny, Jonny Fusk and Gabriel Hieronymus Vorte, are agents of the DESTINY organization. Their official mission is to ensure that the prophesies regarding Anette Iversland are fulfilled, though their tireless efforts and unique talents are often directed at keeping Jymre out of trouble and covering up the evidence of their misdeeds.

Fusk is the tall red-haired one, and appears to be a slightly neurotic and cruel human.Vorte is elf-like and has some curious abilities, such as long spikes that protrude from his face, super-adhesive green vomit, and a single, winged, autonomous eyeball. He is generally more optimistic than Fusk, and takes joy in his work.

The story begins with Fusk accidently killing the Barn Beast, and later on, Vorte accidently killing Rolf Rust. They are henceforth locked into a spiral of deception and coverups. Their main opponents are fellow agents Rosendal and Kubrick, who are both far more adept at their job.