Launched on November 7, 2007 [1, Hitmen for Destiny is a quirky, action-fantasy webcomic wtth themes of power and corruption, love and sex, and zoology. It chronicles the combined fates of Anette Iversland, a modern girl who is prophesied to commit some number of great deeds with the help of a magical sword, and of Fusk and Vorte, two agents of a mysterious organization, whose chronic incompetence sets the events of the story into motion.

The story takes the form of different quests or missions to kill monsters or fulfill a prophesy, seperated by excerpts from the prophesies themselves.

First ProphesyEdit

The first prophesy seems to concern itself with the Hero fighting a fire-breathing Monster, and each of them killing each other, leaving the Hero's sword to be bound to the next person who touches it. As Annete is about to fulfill the prophesy by touching the sword the Barn Beast jumps out and Fusk shoots it. In order to save the prophesy, Vorte leaves the sword on Annette's doorstep.

Anette soon has an expositoy dream that reveals the sword's powers, explained in an unknown language by the Hero of the Sword; it can find items and people, and holding it makes Annette seemingly invincible. With Bianca, she follows the sword to her first fight, against a group of Grahskels in an abandoned warehouse and slaughters them easily.