Our new heroine

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1. July 2009

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A horse in a river

Our new heroine is the first comic for Hitmen for Destiny.

Story Edit

Fusk and Vorte are overlooking an alley with two trashcans, taking a look at those who pass through. They watch Female #1 pass through. They see Billy Pettersen waiting in the alley for something, and snipe him before he risks the prophecy - the body is hidden next to a blue-skinned alien.

The rift opens - a fire breathing monster and a hero come through. The monster (appearing as a knight in plate armor) breaths fire, severly wounding him. The hero (appearing as a lizard-like dragon) stabs the monster with the sword. The hero then calls out for help.

Anette arrives on the scene, seeing the dying hero. The hero is about to pass on the sword, but the barn beast bursts out of a trashcan to attack Anette. Anette runs away, Fusk snipes the barn beast, and Vorte sending his eye after Anette. However, Vorte tells Fusk that the barn beast had a destiny.

Characters Edit

  • Female #1
  • Billy Pettersen
  • Alien #1
  • The Triplets

Trivia Edit

  • Later in the comic describes how some people who knew their own prophecies explain how they try to stop them. The presence of the barn beast may indicate she was aware of hew own potential demise, and tried attacking Anette before she got the sword to save her own skin.
  • Fusk's sniper rifle is almost as long as he is tall. This rifle length is comparable to the M82 anti-materiel rifle.