Like Fusk and Vorte, Rosendal and Kubrick are agents of Destiny. Rosendal and Fusk appear to have been married at some point, and by the time of the comic Rosendal does not hold a high opinion of Fusk and Vorte. Fusk and Vorte spend much of the comic trying to hide their latest mishaps from Rosendal and Kubrick, terrified that they will be reported to their supervisors and suffer a grim fate. Rosendal is a prim, rather officious woman who wears glasses with blue frames, while Kubrick is a Bibusma, a large, fat creatue with chalky white skin, stubbly hair and a hole in his chest that can suck in people and other creatures, apparently killing them. Bibusmas are apparently extreme strong creatures, and bullets bounce off of their thick hides.

When Rosendal walks in on Fusk and Bianca in the middle of an armed standoff, Fusk and Bianca argue over what to do about her. Finally they agree to throw her out of a window, to her death. An enraged Kubrick rushes in and nearly sucks Fusk and Bianca to their doom, but finally Fusk kills him by dropping a stick of lit dynamite into Kubrick's chest hole.